YEEP-tech is a spin-off project of YEEP-business and it is organized in addition to the original format. As the name says, the focus is more on technical cooperation: Students from Swiss technical schools and universities and students from different technical faculties at Hawassa University in Ethiopia work together on a specific project. For that purpose, they participate in a competition week, which takes place in Ethiopia. Every YEEP-tech cycle has a specific technical focus. The first edition is all about 3D-printing, but in the future, different other topics can be developed.

The week includes different formats, such as input sessions and practical exercises but it also has a competitive character, which can be compared to the well-known format of a hackathon week.

Swiss and Ethiopian participants work together in mixed teams and therefore have many opportunities to experience truly intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The first YEEP-tech was planned to take place in 2021. Due to the Corona pandemics, it had to be postponed by one year to 2022. In the meanwhile, certain aspects of the collaboration were transformed into an online collaboration.