YEEP-business 2021

YEEP encourages an entrepreneurial mindset among young people, fosters opportunities for international exchange and interdisciplinary, intercultural learning and supports concrete projects and initiatives of motivated young people who take fate in their own hands.

As usual, we will set up an interdisciplinary team of different Swiss partner schools and work on business ideas of Ethiopian students at Hawassa University.

Time: November 12th – November 21rst 2021

Main supporter: Hirschmann Foundation

More information and application: (application deathline September 20th 2021)

YEEP-tech 2022

YEEP-tech is our new format with a focus on technical collaboration between students in Switzerland and Ethiopia. The first edition has been postponed to 2022. It has 4 phases in which different partner schools and universities in Switzerland are involved. The topic of the project is development and usage of 3D-printer. The main project (YEEP-tech week) will take place at the beginning of February 2020. Furthermore, the project has 4 phases:

Phase 1: Study visit in Switzerland
A delegation of Ethiopian teachers of Hawassa University and vocational training centers will visit Switzerland for one week. During meetings with Swiss partner schools, they will participate in different exchange and know-how transfer activities.

Phase 2: YEEP-tech competition week in Ethiopia
Around 15 students and apprentices of Swiss schools will travel to Ethiopia and work with local student teams in a competition week (objective: building a 3D-printer together).

  1. Tech diploma thesis in Ethiopia
    3-4 technical students of one of the Swiss higher professional education schools will travel to Ethiopia, where they complete the practical work of their diploma thesis together with Ethiopian students
  1. Business week Ethiopia
    15 business students from different Swiss schools will travel to Ethiopia and work with Ethiopian students to transform the prototypes (3D-printers) into sustainable local businesses.

Time: November 2021 (phase 1), February 2022 (phase 2), May – June 2022 (phase 3), September/ October 2022
(phase 4).

Main supporters: Movetia, Hirschmann Foundation

More information and online application: Not yet open, come back in September 2021 or send us a message if we should notify you when the project is open for application