From 24 November to 3 December, 6 representatives of our partner institutions in Hawassa, Ethiopia, will visit YEEP and its partners in Switzerland. The objective of the visit is to have an exchange about the Ethiopian and Swiss education system, to inspire our Ethiopian partners with examples of good practice in the Swiss education system and to do an interdisciplinary networking and plan concrete new joint projects. We have set up a very diverse but intensive programme for our guests.

At a glance, the planned activities look as follows:

  • Monday 24 November: Arrival, visit of FabLab Bern
  • Tuesday 25 November: hftm Biel, Switzerland Innovation Park
  • Friday 26 November: Visit of the institute of plant sciences at the Universit of Bern, internal workshop on MS-Teams
  • Saturday 27 November: Excursion in Emmental, all about cheese and the diary industry
  • Sunday 28 November: Intercultural exchange at the DEVENTURE (Injera Restaurant Bern)
  • Monday 29 November: Company visit at Iterativ Bern, Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship University of Bern, Technorama Winterthur
  • Tuesday 30 November: BFH-TI in Biel, HFW Bern
  • Wednesday 1 December: BFH AHB Biel, Movetia, CIP-Tramelan
  • Thursday 2 December: Ateliers Buches/ CEJEF in Porrentruy, ETH Zürich
  • Friday 3 December: BBZ Biel-Bienne, evaluation workshop, departure


Are you interested in joining an activity of the programme? Just let us know!


The visit is financially supported by Movetia. Movetia promotes exchange, mobility and cooperation within the fields of education, training and youth work – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide.