YEEP Tech is postponed to April 2022. Applications are still possible.


As you might have heard in the news, Ethiopia has declared a 6 month state of emergency on 2nd November due to the ongoing civil war in the north of the country. After many talks with our friends from Ethiopia, we have the impression that a trip to Hawassa is still safe. However, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs currently recommends travel to Ethiopia only for urgent reasons. We do not know what the next weeks and months will bring and we are closely monitoring the development and still hope that we are be able to organize the hackathon week as planned.

If you are interested in the project, we recommend to send in your application. We will check together with all participants in December, if we can organize the week as planned or if we have to go for an alternative format, for example by organizing the project online. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for further discussion.

YEEP has a new format — From 08 – 19 April 2022 (exact dates to be confirmed), we will carry out a Tech and Business Hackathon Week in Ethiopia. 15 students from Switzerland and 20-25 students from Ethiopia will compete in 2 teams. Their task : Develop a Copy shop for 3D printing, which can be run on the campus of Hawassa University.

Your team will face different challenges and you will have to organize yourself in a way to fulfill them to the best of your abilities:

  • Assemble 3D printer kit
  • Construct an enclosure for the printer
  • Program an interface to remote-control the printer
  • Develop video tutorials for CAD software
  • Carry out a market research
  • Develop a business model

At the end of the week, you will present your results to a Swiss-Ethiopian jury who will decide the winners!


  • At least 18 years old.
  • Education (incl. apprenticeship) or work experience in a technical or commercial profession.
  • Ideally studying at one of our partner schools (see below).
  • Interest in cultural exchange.

Benefits: A unique intercultural experience; possibility to apply your know-how and to acquire new skills & competences; support from an experienced team.

Costs: The whole trip (flight, board and lodging, visa etc.) costs around CHF 1’500. However, thanks to a grant received by Movetia and the HFTM-Förderverein, we have the possibility to partly or completely subsidize the costs for the candidates who cannot afford to pay. You can request this support in the application form and we will discuss it together in the preparation phase.

If you are interested, please join one of our online information sessions in the coming weeks for more details.

Online information sessions: [Use this Teams link to join one of the online meetings]

  • Tuesday, 08 February (19.30 h)
  • Thursday, 17 February (19.30 h)

For more information about the project, download the detailed description here : InfosheetSwissParticipants_April22.

Apply: If this has piqued your interest, then apply to participate by filling out the form until 27 February 2022.

For any further question, feel free to write to us at :

Partner Institutions: HFTM Biel/ Grenchen, HFW/ WKS Bern, CJEF Delémont, CIP Tramelan, BBZ Biel, BFH Biel/ Bern, StudentImpact HSG

YEEP-Tech is financially supported by Movetia. Movetia promotes exchange, mobility and cooperation within the fields of education, training and youth work – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide.

YEEP-Tech is financially supported by Hirschmann Foundation.