The project has already started and is not open for application anymore. We might repeat it later on this year or in 2022. If you are interested, write us a message to

You can find below some more information about the current project.

The Young Entrepreneur Exchange Project (YEEP) is a Swiss-Ethiopian initiative, which started 2011 with a first pilot project. Since then, 5 editions of YEEP have been successfully organized in Ethiopia.

Due to the current Covid-situation, we are trying out a new online pilot project: from March to May 2021 we are organizing several sessions for students from Switzerland and Ethiopia, who would like to learn more about 3D-printing, work in an intercultural team and participate in a competition at the end of the project.

Concretely, you will:

  • Connect to your team mates, get to know each other and form a team
  • Get inputs about 3D printing and its application
  • Participate in online workshops, where you learn how to practically design basic 3D elements on the computer
  • Assemble a 3D printer kit
  • Participate with your Swiss-Ethiopian team mates in a challenge, where you have to create a concrete object

Your benefits are:

  • Free of charge practical training in 3D-printing and 3D-modelling
  • Access to a 3D-printer
  • Work in an international and intercultural environment with opportunities to improve valuable soft skills
  • Work in an interdisciplinary Swiss team with participants of different backgrounds
  • Support from an experienced Swiss-Ethiopian team
  • Certificate of participation at the end of the course

In order to participate, you should:

  • Be interested in technical topics and in particular in 3D-printing
  • Have no or very limited knowledge and experience with 3D-printing and 3D-modelling (we are starting from the basics)
  • Be interested in international and intercultural collaboration
  • Be able to express himself in a basic English
  • Ready to participate in 6 input and training sessions on Saturdays between March and May 2021
  • Ready to give feedback to the project leaders in order to learn and improve the project in the future


Date: Saturday, 20.3.2021
Topic: Introduction, getting to know each other
Duration: 2 hours & homework for the following week

Date: Saturday, 27.3.2021
Topic: Online course insights into 3D-printing
Duration: 2-3 hours

Date: Saturday, 17.4.2021
Topic: Assembling of the 3D printers, on HFTM campus in Biel and at Hawassa University
Duration: 3-4 hours

Date: Saturday, 24.4.2021
Topic: CAD-Design course
Duration: Around 6 hours

Date: Saturday, 8.5.2021
Topic: Online workshop 3D modelling
Duration: 3-4 hours

Date: Saturday, 15.5.2021
Topic: Online workshop 3D modelling
Duration: 3-4 hours

Date: Friday 28.5.2021 – Sunday 30.5.2021
Topic: Competition weekend
Duration: Friday evening until Sunday noon

Please note: the published dates reflect the current planning. It is not excluded that some adaptations might become necessary.

Partner schools and universities

The following institutions are official partners of YEEP-tech online:

  • Berufsbildungszentrum Biel/Bienne (BBZ-CFP)
  • Centre jurassien d’enseignement et de formation (CEJEF)
  • Centre interrégional de perfectionnement Tramelan (CIP)
  • Fachhochschule Bern, Fachbereich Wirtschaft (HFW/ WKS)
  • Höhere Fachschule für Technik Mittelland Biel/ Grenchen (HFTM)
  • Höhere Fachschule für Wirtschaft Bern (BFH)
  • StudentImpact, Hochschule St. Gallen



  • How much does it cost to participate in the project?
    Participation is free of charge.
  • I don’t have any experience with 3D-printing. Can I nevertheless participate?
    You perfectly fit into our criteria: The project is for beginners. It would rather be a problem, if you already are on an advanced level.
  • I already have experiences with 3D-printing or CAD software. Can I nevertheless participate?
    It depends on your level. Please contact us, so that we can discuss your case individually.
  • I am not a student of one of YEEP’s partner schools and universities. Can I nevertheless participate?
    In general we would like to give priority to our partner schools, but don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we can discuss your case individually.
  • I am not available at one of the dates in the programme. Can I nevertheless participate?
    It is ok to miss out one of the courses, but please make sure that you can attend at least 5 of the 6 sessions. We will record the online classes and make the material available afterwards.
  • I am not a student or a young person. Can I still participate?
    Please contact us, so that we can check out with you, how you could fit into the project.
  • What are the selection criteria for participation?
    We would like to maximize diversity in our team, which means that we want to have a good mix of participants from the different partner schools, experiences, gender and age etc. If you should not be selected for participation, you can still apply for one oft he next offline YEEP editions, which are planned for autumn 2021 and February 2022 (see for more details)
  • How are the chances for being selected?
    Your chances depend on the number and characteristics of applications. Our aim is to make participation possible for as many students as we can. If there should be lots of applications, we will look for solutions like repeating the project later on.
  • I would like to participate in one of the next YEEP editions that take place in Ethiopia. Can I nevertheless participate in the online module?
    Yes, it is even a good idea to do so, as this already gives you some experience, which can be valuable when you participate in a YEEP in Ethiopia.
  • My English is not very good: can I still participate?
    There is no need for an advanced level and you will work in a team, where you can support each other. The fact that you read through the information until here probably shows that your level is more than ok. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Does the participation in the project give any credits for my studies?
    Some of our partner schools have possibilities to get credits for your participation. If you are interested, contact us for more details. We will anyhow issue a certificate of participation for all those who attend the programme.