Summary of the YEEP International Exposure Week 2019

The International Exposure Week in Ethiopia took place from 6 – 13 April 2019. The group of 18 Swiss participants, whereof 14 students from HWF Bern, University of St. Gallen and other institutions, met 15 Ethiopian students from 8 different business teams. The ideas in this year’s competition were:

  • Desk ventilator
  • Maintenance services for hospital equipment
  • Specially designed bags
  • Green sun protection for houses
  • Maintenance for wheel chairs
  • Water distiller
  • Briquettes from organic waste
  • Floor cleaning machine

As usual, the week was a mix between input sessions, coaching and group work. We also had the possibility to get in touch with Ethiopian entrepreneurs and to have some culture exchange, for example by learning Ethiopian dances or by trying different food from the Swiss buffet.

This year, there also were some new elements: Ethiopian teams received a daily challenge, through which they could gain some points. For one of the challenges the teams received for example 100 Ethiopian Birr and had to make a business out of it. Furthermore we also introduced an investor game, where every team had the possibility to invest a virtual currency on one of the competing business teams.

The week was concluded with a pitching session, where all teams presented their business ideas and the progress made during the week.

For more information, check out the daily reports written by Natalie Ehrenzweig.

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