After only two, three hours of sleep the groups are visibly nervous. They have 13 minutes to not only present their pitch to the virtual investors but also to show their findings of the week. In the audience are the Swiss students, but also Ethiopian listeners from the university. The jury, consisting of Aron, Bruno, Lemlem and Zelalem take on their job. First out is Abraham with his Mini Desk Fan project. He and all the other speakers have made progress in their presentation skills. Some teams have printed t-shirts or business cards, they start the speech with a role play or with questions to the audience. No team was short in time. It is clear to everybody: A lot of work has been done this week. Sabine and Sophie conduct a feedback session right after lunch, and Stephan welcomes a guest: Former YEEP-Participant Elias Yirdaw.

Now the jury speaks: The winner of the YEEP-week is BB Enterprise with their bag-idea. The jury liked that they want to work with local resources, produce a local product for local customers. Second place is New Hope with their idea of maintaining medical equipment. They were able to show the need for their service and have adjusted their product in this week. On the third place, the Water Distiller project convince the jury with the possibility to sell the machine and the water.

The certificates get handed out, and everybody poses for pictures. The YEEP-week is almost over. Some of the Ethiopians join the Swiss to a boat trip on the lake to see the hippos. Then it is time to pack and say goodbye. Sunday early morning the group starts the bus trip back to Addis. There they shop a few souvenirs and then it’s off to the airport. With souvenirs and lots of memories in their luggage. Of course, the telegram-group with the YEEP-participants is already set up to make sure not to lose sight of each other.