Friday is the last chance to convince teams to invest, so the two-minute-presentations are, for the last time, enthusiastic. It will be interesting to see if still the projects water distiller, bag or wheelchair are leading.

If thinking about brands like Coca Cola, it becomes clear that the name of a business is essential. After Melanie and Natalie talk about marketing and communication, the teams are working on slogans and business names. Everybody wants to convince the jury on Saturday, so all the teams are working hard on their pitches.

The short but intense rain during lunch cools the hot weather down – just in time for the final spurt. During the afternoon the Swiss organize a buffet where the Ethiopians get to taste some Swiss food. Of course, they find a lot of chocolate and sweets, Mirjam even brought Ovomaltine to make a chocolate drink. The Ethiopians enjoyed trying shaved cheese, Vermicelles, and Rivella as well. The fasting ones collected the samples for later. And they have the same experience as the Swiss have in this week: Some food looks weird, smells strange or are not tasty at all, as shown on Samuels’ face when he tastes an olive. The teams use the evening to finish their presentation for the following day. The tension is high.